Residential Roofing Services

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Hightower Industries provides Residential Roofing Services in Pensacola, Panama City Beach and Maitland FL.

Roof Replacements

A roof replacement is a crucial investment for your home and well-being. If your roof is getting to be past a certain age, it may already be overdue for a replacement. Various kinds of damage and deterioration may also lead you to replace your roof; a replacement could be a more beneficial choice than engaging in extensive or repeated repairs. For example, if you’re noticing signs of widespread moisture, such as leaks and mold, it’s possible you need a new roof. When you call on us, we’ll help you evaluate your options, and we’ll perform stellar work that improves the strength and value of your home.


Our roof replacement services include:

  • Helping with replacement decisions.
  • Comprehensive evaluations of roof.
  • Taking exact measurements.
  • Accurate estimates of costs.
  • Performing various preparatory repairs.
  • Selecting the finest available materials.
  • Performing outstanding installations.
  • Offering favorable warranties.

Roof Repairs

When you’re experiencing a problem with your roof, you need trusted professionals who work with thoroughness and highly developed skills. Whether you need us to replace broken shingles or pinpoint and fix the source of a leak, you can depend on the superior quality of our services. Before we initiate any repairs, we carefully assess the roof and determine the scope of the issue. You won’t have to worry about suffering from superficial repairs that allow underlying problems to grow worse. From storm damage to structural defects, we can handle any issue with your roof and leave you with a stronger home.

Our roof repair services include:

  • Storm and fire repairs.
  • Removing fallen branches.
  • Taking care of cracks.
  • Repairing a shrinking membrane.
  • Locating and fixing leaks.
  • Restoring broken gutters.
  • Repairing all structural defects.
  • Response to urgent situations.

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are widely used for homes. If they’re chosen thoughtfully and installed with expertise, they can make your home look more beautiful without a strain on your budget. They can also hold up well against hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other Florida weather phenomena. We’re experts at working with different types of roof shingles. We can install gorgeous, long-lasting designer shingles or architectural shingles that create the look and feel of a wide range of styles.

Our shingle roof services include:

  • Evaluating your roof for problems.
  • Finding sources of water damage.
  • Replacing broken or missing shingles.
  • Fixing underlayment problems.
  • Delivering emergency repairs.
  • All structural components covered.
  • Installing a new shingle roof.
  • Assisting with maintenance demands.

Metal Roofs

Metal may not be the first kind of material that comes to mind when you think about residential roofs. But metal roofs can prove advantageous to homeowners. Whether it’s installed in the form of shingles or panels, a high-quality metal roof can display a stylish design, serve as a powerful barrier against water penetration, withstand damage from turbulent weather, reduce your energy expenditures, and save you from spending too much time and money on maintenance. With professionals helping you with installations and any necessary repairs, you’ll be in a better position to enjoy the full benefits this type of roof can offer.

Our metal roof services include:

  • Inspecting all roof components.
  • Fixing faulty flashing.
  • Addressing problems with sealants.
  • Dealing with underlying moisture.
  • Preventing corrosion.
  • Finding and fixing open seams.
  • Carrying out stellar installations.
  • High-quality maintenance.

Tile Roofs

For Florida residents, a tile roof is one of the best options for enhancing the appearance of a home while helping it withstand violent weather. When installed by top professionals, tile roofs can demonstrate resilience to powerful winds from hurricanes and other violent storms. These roofs can also prove to be an environmentally friendly choice, helping you lower your energy usage and shave some money off your air conditioning bill. Whether you’re struggling to choose between clay or concrete tiles for a new roof, or you already have a tile roof and need help with repairs and maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our tile roof services include:

  • Replacing missing tiles.
  • Fixing various structural problems.
  • Addressing sources of leaks.
  • Maintenance to enhance performance.
  • Post-storm services.
  • Helping you choose designs.
  • Roof installation preparations.
  • Carrying out installations.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofs

A roof made of stone-coated steel can be a cost-effective choice that yields stunning results for your home. This roofing system can take on the appearance of a gorgeous tile roof while costing you less. Although it’s a relatively lightweight material, stone-coated steel can still prove durable even when hit with storms and strong winds. When you hire us, you can count on a job performed without mistakes and a roof that will provide your home with lasting value. Among the brands we work with is Decra, which offers stone-coated steel roofing products in a variety of beautiful styles.

Our stone-coated steel roof services include:

  • Picking the finest products.
  • Ensuring rust protection.
  • Addressing any deterioration.
  • Fixing gaps in flashing.
  • Dealing with unsealed counterflashing.
  • Fixing rot in underlying wood.
  • Addressing faulty sealant application.
  • Flawlessly installing new roof.